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Welcome to The Language Universe Wiki! This is a place for information regarding language, linguistics, conlangs, and fictional story/universe settings and story information. 

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The Rules - Please Read First

1. This is a private community wiki related to the ARM community. If you have stumbled upon this wiki, that is, you are not from ARM, or have not otherwise been invited to post here by a member of ARM, please be advised that your pages are subject to deletion, and unauthorized edits are subject to reversion. You can find public wikis for conlangs and fanfiction by performing a search on Wikia's home page .

2. This wiki contains people's own creative ideas. In order to protect the integrity of those ideas as well as the contexts in which those ideas are presented, please do not make edits to pages that are not your own, even if the purpose is to correct grammar errors, unless you have been given permission by the page creator to make such edits.

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4. When you create a page, please establish your ownership of that page by typing in a statement like "This is a conlang created by [[User:your username here|your username here]]." This will ensure that the owner of every page has been established upon the page's creation.